Friday, November 18, 2011

I've Spilled the Beans

It's funny, really, that I want my own blog. I don't even have a Facebook page. But, this, somehow seems more appealing to me. It seems more the place where I can chatter on (hence the spilled beans) about the things that seem important to me. So, after much internal debate, here I am.

Of course, you may hope to know a little about me. I am a stay at home mom with two boys (a 1st Grader and a Preschooler). My hubby works hard to "bring home the bacon" so that I am able to enjoy the kids, and be there for all those crucial (and not-so-crucial) times.  I do have a bachelor's degree in Family Studies, and I use it often. My boys are my life. I am grateful every day that I am not employed (note, I did not say work-- that I do) because otherwise, who knows when the dishes and the laundry would get done!

I enjoy many things when I have a few moments to just be me. The first thing I may turn to are puzzles. I love puzzles of all kinds. Word puzzles, number puzzles, jigsaw puzzles--I love to find the pieces and bring them all together. This is evident in my home. I have 3 one-thousand piece puzzles that I glued and framed hanging on the walls. There are 2 or 3 more, waiting for me to work on. They have come in phases, however. The frames can cost a pretty penny. So, like any family on a budget, I have to be sure I don't get ahead of the income as I finish a puzzle. Otherwise, it will have to sit in waiting before I can frame it. That's a pain.

Another thing I've come to enjoy is sewing. I've decided that sewing is just another kind of puzzle. Only, in this case, I get to create it from start to finish. I choose the fabrics, the threads, and the pattern. I have found it greatly satisfying to finish a sewing project. And now, it's time for a little "Sew and Tell." Most recently (read: this week), I spent about 15 hours on my latest sewing project. I am proud to say that the pattern is mine in entirety, I created it all from scratch. I have just finished a beautiful tree skirt. Now, I know, it is too early for Christmas displays. But this one had to be done early. It's not for me. In our community, there is a "Christmas Tree Jubilee." Trees are donated and then auctioned off for charity. They are on display the day before and after Thanksgiving. The winners of the auction get the tree and all it's trimmings. The PTA at my oldest boy's school is donating a tree. So I volunteered to make the tree skirt. I am very pleased with what I have created.

One of my key interests is the world of literature. I love to climb into another world. When I'm reading, I can become someone else, experience things that I haven't before, and go where I've never been. And then I can just put in a book mark and come home. The adventure will wait for me, until I return. I think, that for the most part, I will use this space as a place to write about what I have read. I have been doing quite a bit of reading this year, and sometimes you just need someone to discuss the books with! So, you may come here and find piles of literature. I am always open to new recommendations, and any insight into a novel that I have missed.  I hope you will browse, comment and enjoy.


Elizabeth said...

Hey, you cute Jilly Bean! I LOVE that you're blogging! Like a lot!

Your tree skirt is totally adorable! Like super amazing and so much fun! Great job!

Also, love that photograph of you and those cute boys!

Have so much fun blogging.

Love ya!

Carrie said...

Indeed, a clever blog name. I love it. The tree skirt turned out great (despite our interruption) and I was sorry later that we forgot to talk books. Are you on goodreads?
You have inspired me to return to my own blog which has suffered much neglect the past 6 months. Keep writing and I will keep reading.

The Daines said...

Welcome to blogging. It's kinda fun.

I recommend "Entwined" by Heather Dixon. I read it just cuz Heather was my friend in Jr. High and High school, but I ended up reading it twice in less than two weeks and added it to my Christmas list. It's a bit dark, but if you like Fablehaven (also amazing) you'll like this.

The Husband said...

I love you. That is all.