Wednesday, January 4, 2012

ThePianoGuys: Michael Meets Mozart

If you've been following along, last week you saw Carol of the Bells, performed by Steven Sharp Nelson from (If you missed it, go back and take a look!) I did a little browsing on their site, and I'm hooked. The videos are amazing, and the music, well, just take a listen for yourself. Here is a just a sample of the art they create. This video features Steven Sharp Nelson on several cellos, and John Schmidt on the piano. Of course we need to give credit to Paul Anderson, Tel Stewart and Al Van Der Beek. They do behind the scenes work. Check out their website to read their story and find your own favorite. Then, tune in here on Wednesdays for a new clip each week!

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Elizabeth said...

Yay! Wednesdays with The Piano Guys! Wohoo! I've already watched all their videos. I even went to their website and "joined the founders club" (i.e. bought their CD). There were a few songs not on the CD that I like so I bought those off of iTunes. The Piano Guys are awesome.

Also, I see that you stole my little Choose the Right button.

xo -E