Wednesday, February 13, 2013

I Knew this was Coming

The other day, my boys were listening the our Piano Guys CD. There was a song on it that we didn't know, so we went to their site to find the video. On the search, however, we were side tracked because we found this instead. It's their latest video, and it's a compilaton featuring the lovely Lindsey Stirling. When we discovered her, my boys both said she should do a video with the Piano Guys. Well, here it is.

And, because I really enjoyed this music (and hope to see the movie soon), here is The Hobbit.


Elizabeth said...

Love them together! So fun!

xo -E

mom said...

E posted that a while ago but I could't get it to play so it was fun to see and hear. Thanks

Anonymous said...

But wait, there's more. There is a new video out. It's called Begin Again. They've paired up with two lovely vocalists, who's names have escaped me at the moment, but check it out!