Saturday, March 23, 2013

I Super-Glued My Fingers Today or There Isn't Any Tape Left in the House

On the day of my last post, I remember looking at the calendar and all we had packed into it and thinking, "Wow. This month is going to blow by." And then I blinked and here we are, 3 weeks later. To me, the month is over, even though we have a whole week left. My kids are on Spring Break this coming week and it seems like time off like that always gets past us with very little accomplished. The last break we had was filled with pajama-clad, shower-less days. I hope this one doesn't go quite that way. I also worry about so much time off, because by the end I'm just a referee, breaking up scuffles and trying to remind my boys that they have manners. In addition to that, we have a little one who joined our family last summer, and Saturdays never seem to allow for her nap. She loves her big brothers and insists on being a part of all the goings on. Spring Break means an entire week of Saturdays, and I'm not looking forward to a cranky baby who simply cannot take a nap when the kids don't go to school.

There is a glimmer of hope, however. Part of the morning, I had the boys help me sort through their dressers today. Anything too small was pulled, and they got rid of anything they didn't wear, either. Some clothes were reintroduced ("Oh, yeah! I remember that!") and all were folded neatly and returned to the drawers that now close with out shoving and finagling. They were willing participants, which got me to thinking, maybe they can help me spruce up the house a little each day. I think I'll call it "Spring Break Cleaning."

I know, you are dying to know, "What about the super-glue?" That's where this comes in. When we moved to this house several years ago, one of the drawers in my oldest's dresser got broken. The clip that connects to the drawer slide got ripped out by someone who didn't know how to get the drawers out the right way. We fixed it up for him and it seemed to work just fine. About a month ago, however, the clip came off again, making the drawer fall out every time he opens it. So, while we were cleaning out the dresser, I decided that it was time to try and fix the drawer again. A few poorly placed nails and some super-glue, and we are all set. The clip is holding and so is the drawer. But my fingers managed to get a nice coating of super-glue on the tips in the process. I did NOT glue them together, although that does happen most times I use super-glue. But somehow, the tips of three fingers ended up with the sticky stuff. It is a strange and annoying feeling, having glue coating my fingers. It is not the same as when they've been glued together and I pry them apart. Some of it flaked off during my shower later, but it's still there, still annoying.

The other reason I think that Spring Break may not be quite as bad as I thought? There hasn't been one squabble yet. My younger son figured out how to fold paper and put the printed sides (my kids' drawing paper is used on one side) face to face and then tape them, making a book with clean paper on all visible sides. So the two of them have spent all day (minus chore time) making their own comic books. They are frequently drawing comics and making books, but this style is new. They wrote and drew all day, helping each other with ideas, spelling, and drawing. And now the tape is all gone. They have since found a giant glue stick, and they are using that for their upcoming comic books. It's been a pretty good day.

In other news, we tried out a few Cheerios on our little one, and it cracks me up the faces she makes. She prefers is at the front of her mouth and she chews it with her front gums and one tooth. If the Cheerio manages to make it to the middle of her tongue, she doesn't know how to handle it, and sits there drooling with her mouth open and tongue hanging out. It may still be a little early yet for Cheerios, but she enjoyed herself.

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Elizabeth said...

I love it when my kids work together and are friends, instead of fighting! Your kids so, so cute! Love that little squishy face with the Cheerio in her mouth.

Have a good spring break! I think you have a really good mix of fun things and work to balance it all out.

xo -E