Thursday, August 29, 2013

Return to the Book Club

I can't believe that it has honestly been three full months plus a little since my last post. Summer zoomed by almost faster than I've ever seen and we just had so much going on that I hardly sat at the computer. It's funny, though, I checked on a few of the blogs that I like to read, and was disappointed to find there were no new posts (and yet mine was sitting idle, too). I had so many written in my head. It's like my sister has said, too bad I don't have a USB port in my head. I could just plug a flash drive into my head, download all of my blog posts and plug it into the computer. Sadly, that's not a reality (although it would be really frightening if that could really happen.... reminds me of a Doctor Who episode...), so the blog posts that I wrote in my head remain there and not here. I have a running list, though, and if time allows it, I'll sit down and compose a few of them.

I am actually writing in a rare moment during nap time. My lovely daughter (the one you saw holding the banana for 3 months) rarely naps outside of my arms during the day (unless I can get her to fall asleep in the stroller, but now-a-days, stroller rides are much too exciting to sleep). But today, she allowed the transfer from my arms to her bed with nary a sigh. And so instead of sitting selfishly on the couch to watch TV read, I cleared out the kitchen and mopped. Then I finished loading the dishwasher and started it. And the little darling was still sleeping! So, I decided it was time for a return.

I am issuing a call out to my informal Book Club. Come one, come all (two of you), and join me in reading Wonder, by R.J. Palacio. This is a book about a boy named August, who simply cannot blend in, no matter how hard he tries. He was  born with a facial deformity, and even after multiple surgeries, he will never look "normal." He is ten years old, and he is starting school for the first time.

The book is broken up into sections, and each section is narrated by a different character. I love a book like this because you get all perspectives and you really get to know all the characters. It is an easy read, and I will be finished in a day or so. I'd love to have many of you read it and then comment along with me on my post next week.

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