Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The One Where Life Got in the Way

So, I've  been a bit distracted for the past week. I set up my blog with some scheduled posts, but haven't had a chance to sit down and read comments. And the weird thing is, the comments don't show up in my e-mail until AFTER I post them. Strange. SO, sorry if you have tried to comment and it didn't appear in a timely manner. All comments have been now read and taken care of. Thank you for your interest!

Why am I so busy? Story time.
Once upon a time, 3 years ago, my family purchased a home. In the bathroom, there was a tiny little spot above the light switch, perhaps an inch in size where the paint had been peeled off the wall. Just this little hole. I picked at it a little, making the spot about 4 inches across, in a sort of circle. I like to pick at things, and the paint came off fairly easily. My husband said, "Don't do that." So I stopped.

Fast forward to now. I went in the bathroom about 2 or 3 weeks ago, and turning on the light, I noticed that the circle of missing paint was no longer a circle. It had branched out into a weird shape. It was definitly bigger, to be sure. Now, I was curious, because I had restrained myself, and hadn't touched it in all this time. I asked my two boys if they had picked at it. Telling me it wasn't them, and believing them (lying isn't currently a problem in our home), my mind turned to the only other option, however unlikely it may be. So I asked my husband, "Did you pick at the paint in the bathroom?" To which he replied, "I'm thinking it might be time to paint."

 --A little back story. When we moved in, the upstairs bathroom did not have a shower. It had only the bathtub. Our basement bathroom does have a shower, but it's a metal, military-style shower (super small) that has been painted (that's right PAINTED--on the INSIDE!) several times. This made showering tricky, as the paint in the shower began to remove itself when water was applied to the surface. Pretty hard to avoid, when showering.
SO, father-in-law offered to tile and plumb a shower for us in the bathtub upstairs. In the process, a bit of paint around the edges of where the tile was put in was chipped off. When my father-in-law first noticed this, he asked, "Are you going to paint when this is done?" "Of course," we replied. He was relieved because that made his job a bit easier (not having to worry about the paint). And, he did a fantastic job. So, shortly after moving in our lovely new home, we now have a working shower/tub upstairs and a paint-peeling shower, that we have chose to ignore for the time being, downstairs.
But the upstairs bathroom has never been painted. Time, means, desire, all these have delayed the lovely project, and what's a bad paint job, when the shower works, right?

So, back to my original story. So, here I have found that my husband had started peeling away at this little hole. So then I picked at it a bit. Each time either of us went in there, the wall looked a bit different. One day, after a shower, I returned to the bathroom to dry my hair. The bathroom was still a little steamy, and I just grabbed a little piece of paint and was surprised to find that the humidity in the room made the paint come off in considerably larger pieces! Suddenly, it's a competition to see who can get the most paint off. By the end of the week, we had pulled off paint from the doorway to the edge of the shower.

In these pictures, we have taken down the towel rod and the mirror that was hanging on this wall. Because, now, it's time to get rid of the rest of the paint. It's not like we can just sand the edges and call it good. But the paint pulled off so easily by hand, I figured a few paint scraping tools would speed up the process and clear the wall in no time. Very funny. Turns out, the paint scraper (like a flat, metal spatula, sort of) mostly just chipped away the paint, rather than getting under it and loosening huge chunks like I imagined. The other scraper I bought has a sharp blade that scrapes the paint, but it needs just the right amount of pressure to get it right, and sometimes it scraped too deep. 

Finished Wall!
Saturday the 18th, I spent about 2 hours, with very little progress. So I put away my tools and made dinner instead. Not yet feeling discouraged (after all, this had to come down somehow) Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday were spent clearing the bulk of the wall. In fact on Tuesday, I went from the bottom of the 'hole' to the floor, and Wednesday I did from the top to the ceiling. The thing that made those go much quicker (but still taking several hours each day) was that I remembered on Monday night that (duh!) it peels better after a shower! So, each day, I delayed my shower until after I took my son to school and then(keeping the bathroom door closed while I hurried to put on my working clothes) started right in while the bathroom was still moist. It came off SO much easier.

Thursday I spent the morning clearing the rest of the spaces that I didn't finish on Wednesday, and then started to pull down the wallpaper border that had been painted over. Last Friday, I finished off the wall paper border. Now we are ready for the next step. (Sanding, filling holes, removing cabinets) Hurray! We are only clearing one wall, because the paint around the cabinets on the other wall isn't as urgent to remove. In other words, we didn't pick at it over there.

We are also going to get rid of both wall cabinets. I am opting for a wider medicine cabinet with 3 mirrored doors instead of keeping the two existing cabinets. That way, I don't have to rehang the mirror that used to reside on the big wall that I cleared. (I can see the back of my hair with the side mirrors on the new cabinet!) We are also getting a new light fixture because the current one is attached to the medicine cabinet. And the wall space over the sink and toilet will feel a little cleaner. I don't know what color we are painting yet. I'm going to pick up some paint samples this week. And we still have to deal with the electrical.
But I'm really excited about all this. And now you know why there was no Bradbury Friday last week (sorry!) and a lateness in the comments. In addition to the bathroom, I also had PTA stuff and 2 Young Women activities to supervise. All in a week. Fun stuff!

PS, the Book Club has a bit more time to finish the Scarlet Pimpernel. I have been delayed in my reading time. I may have to re-learn how to read.

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Elizabeth said...

Jill, you are super cute! That is exciting about the bathroom paint. I vote for a soft yellow, or perhaps a pale blue. Oh, but a bright spring green might be pretty. Maybe all three? Yay for the new mirror! So much fun!

xo -E