Wednesday, February 8, 2012

ThePianoGuys: Cello Wars

This is a video I was reluctant to post. I think it is a little cheesy. I love their version of the music. It's fantastic. I really enjoy the sound. But I don't really love the video. The first time through, it gave me a laugh. Then my boys wanted to watch it over and over and over. Basically every time I was looking at something PianoGuys, they wanted me to play 'Cello Wars.' Let's face it. It appeals to the kid in us. But the grown up in me got a little tired of it.

Then one Saturday afternoon (after having seen 'Cello Wars' about a hundred times), my oldest son said, "Mom, can we watch 'Star Wars' today?" The big thing about this is that my kids had never seen 'Star Wars.' Don't get me wrong. We own all 6 episodes, plus a couple of DVD's full of 'extras.' All their cousins watch it. Their friends talk about it at school. But they have never shown the desire to watch it. I have offered to put it on for them on several occasions, and they refused, worried it might be 'too scary,' or that they just weren't 'old enough' to watch it (regardless of my explaining that it is rated PG). So this time, when they were asking, I said yes. We watched 'A New Hope' together.

C-3PO and R2-D2 with another C-3PO
Like any kid watching a movie with plot lines and dialog between adults, my kids played with their toys during the movie, looking up when it sounded exciting. They didn't really follow the story, and they probably didn't watch most of the movie. But here is what did come from it. While watching, they played with their TRIO blocks. With inspiration from the movie, they created their own replicas from 'Star Wars.'
Two Light Sabers and a 'Jedi Training Ball'
They each built their own C-3PO. So they both get to pose with R2-D2.

What 'Star Wars' collection is complete without a light saber or two? I asked them why they made their Light Sabers red. They said "Because that's the color we have the most of." Although, the Saber is not much longer than the handle. I'm sure they could have switched them. But you just don't stomp on an artist's creation.
Two 'Storm Troopers'

Of course there have to be Storm Troopers. This is what they came up with. I think they look rather menacing.


Here is a close-up of R2-D2. I think this was a clever little design. Unfortunately there were only enough wheels to make one. So we only have one R2 unit. But he sure is cute!

And now, for the video that spawned all the 'Star Wars'-ing in my house. Please enjoy. And may the Force be with you.


mom said...

wow look what a little music and some trio blocks can inspire! they did an awesom job!

Anonymous said...

I heard about Cello Wars when my mom was talking about this video on Elizabeth's blog. I really wanted to watch it! I liked it so much and that's why I got inspired to make the Trio Star Wars things.

Anonymous said...

I will like this Video, I will post about thsi video, I will tell all my friends about this video. and I will leave a lame comment here about Chuck Norris on this Blog.

When Chuck Norris does push ups, He stands still and the world moves.
HAHAHAHAHAHAHA . oh that was lame.

Elizabeth said...

Is that a comment from Lizard Boy? Your boys are SO cute!

LOVE the Trio block Star Wars guys! That is so awesome!

And I even love the silly, cheese Cello Wars video. I guess I must still be a kid!

xo -E

Carrie said...

Mine haven't seen Star Wars either! But they do occasionally play Star Wars, because, well, there is a princess in it (which they learned from a friend) We own the movies as well but I guess I haven't really thought they were old enough. hmmm. I love the TRIO creations, though. Sounds like you guys had fun!