Saturday, March 17, 2012

Phase 3 of the Bathroom

Phase 1 was the removal of the paint. Check.

Phase 2 was putting Spackle in all the holes and getting the walls sanded and washed. Check.
I've learned that I like to Spackle! But that makes for boring pictures. I used the pink kind that turns white when it's ready for sanding or refilling. Makes it easy for a novice like me!

Phase 3 then, was painting! CHECK! I spent yesterday morning/afternoon painting the bathroom. I really like the job. My oldest boy was not in school for the end of the quarter, while my youngest was at preschool. So my oldest sat in the doorway and hallway with paper and pen and we chatted while I taped and painted and he drew. I painted the ceiling, around the toilet and the sink/cabinet, and then a second coat on the ceiling before lunch. After lunch we picked up the preschooler and came back ready to paint some more. I taped around the ceiling, shower and doorway, and painted, painted, painted! I was finished (with 2 coats!) by 4:00. A fantastic job, if I do say so myself. I left part of the wall where the light fixture and new medicine cabinet will be unpainted. My dad is coming over next week to help with the removal of the old and the wiring and installation of the new. (Thanks, Dad!)

Such satisfaction comes from hard and careful work. I walk in there and it just feels nice. I can't wait to get a new towel bar and have the new cabinet and lights put in. Phase 4 will be the new fixtures and final paint touch-ups. Can't wait. This is so exciting! And for those interested, the ceiling color is called Crepe and the wall color is called Tea Time. It's quite the change. And at first look, I was thinking "It's SO brown!" But the more I look at it, the more I really like it.


Elizabeth said...

Yay, you! And I can just picture you and Lizard Boy hanging out and having a great conversation.

xo -E

P.S. I hope the area was well ventilated ;).

mom said...

yea!it is looking good! it is a great color!

Carrie said...

Go Jill! I have to agree that spackling is fun. I once had a spackle war with a boy when we were finishing our basement and I ended up covered in spackle. Too bad it wasn't pink!
Looks like you did a great job. I admire you!