Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A Completed Project

Here is the big reveal. Our bathroom project is (nearly) finished! Okay, so we still didn't get a towel rod. But a towel rod is boring blogging. What I am going to share with you has actually been finished for about a week and a half now, but I suppose I figured the towel bar would have been installed by now. But to install one, you have to buy one. And I just haven't done that yet.

So, here they are: our beautiful bathroom cabinet and lights! (And a monkey shower curtain-only slightly less new.) A bathroom is the Worst place to take pictures, the room just doesn't allow you the appropriate space to get the shot. But here they are. And they didn't get there as easily as one might expect.

Remember the old light/cabinet? Right. The one with the lights IN the cabinet, making a quick change-out impossible? That's right. So, I enlisted (thank you!!) the help of my Dad, the expert on EVERYTHING. He came and removed the old cabinet and light fixture. Guess what he found under them? An electrician's WORST NIGHTMARE. The wires were spliced and bare and scary and I don't even know what else. Plus, behind the cabinet was a gigantic hole where an old medicine cabinet had been recessed in the wall. AND the wires were not even in a ready box. The original ready box was about 6 inches or more above the spot where the wires were.

So, after two evenings of amazing electrical work, (my Dad even put in a new electrical outlet. The old one was connected to the light fixture. Weird?) plus some drywall patching and spackling, I painted the repaired wall, and my Dad came back on Saturday to hang everything. And I could not be happier. It makes my bathroom new and nice and feel bigger (a mirror will do that) and awesome. My boys said it looked like a hotel bathroom. I suppose that's a compliment. Now, to find a towel bar....


Elizabeth said...

I love it -- a hotel bathroom.

Once, when the Little Bugs were little, we went to visit Mr. Bug's parents. Since they have a huge family and not enough beds for everyone, we stayed at a hotel. The Little Bugs thought it was the coolest thing ever. After that, they always asked when we were going to stay in a ho-tail again. Your boys saying it looks like a hotel bathroom is DEFINITELY a compliment.

That turned out so nice! You did a great job painting! Yay you! And hooray for a new bathroom.

xo -E

Carrie said...

Looks wonderful. Enjoy the new hotel bathroom.