Monday, April 2, 2012

Conference Coloring

For LDS General Conference, we sit for four 2-hour sessions (over 2 days) to hear the General Authourities of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints speak to us. For two young children to sit quietly, is sometimes difficult. So, I prepare them with things like "Conference Squares"-- a bingo type game where they listen for different words or topics and cover the squares on their game boards. ( has seven different game boards for Conference Squares to print out!) I also print out a few coloring pages, some with color by number and some just coloring pages (also available at

My oldest son finished his coloring pages at the end of the 3rd session. So, instead of asking for more coloring pages, he found some blank paper, and drew pictures of his own, like he does during our weekly Sunday Sacrament Meeting. But this time, instead of just drawing whatever comes to him, he decided to draw the speakers. He didn't get all of them, but the few he did were pretty neat. He studied the speaker and then carefully drew what he saw. I thought I'd share 3 of his drawings.

Elder Russell M. Nelson
Sister Julie B. Beck
President Thomas S. Monson

While there is always a moment when you need to remind them to quiet down, my kids did pretty good this General Conference. And I was grateful to hear the Prophet and the Apostles speak.


Elizabeth said...

So, so awesome! You are a great mom! I love Lizard Boy's pictures! He did a great job!

xo -E

Carrie said...

What a talented boy! Nice drawings. And kudos to you, mom. We did not do so well, although we are improving. One child loves the conference squares, the other isn't really interested but it is great that there are so many readily available resources to help us moms out.

mom said...

way to go those are great pictures! and what a graat way to spend the time while listening.