Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Scissors and Tags

My young daughter is recently obsessed with cutting the tags off of things. Dolls, stuffed animals, clothing, towels--you name it--if it has a tag, she wants to cut it off. It started at her birthday party. She was given a doll with its price tag still having on it. We cut it off with a pair of scissors to reduce the risk of pulling a hole in the doll. Not to mention all the clothes that had tags with need of removal, often with scissors.
Later, we opened a new package of underwear. In the side seam of said underwear was a tag larger than the underwear itself (or so it seemed) printed with the washing instructions. The tag was bothersome, so as each new pair was put on, we then cut out the tag-with scissors.
Now there is a drawer in my kitchen where we keep scissors and pencils and glue-you know the one. In the front of the drawer is a basket that keeps these things from rolling into the black hole that is the back of the drawer. Well, my darling little girl is just tall enough to pull open the drawer, reach inside it, and pull out the scissors, or in some cases, the whole basket. On multiple occasions, I have noticed as sudden hush that has fallen on her playtime. Each time, in find her in the kitchen, in a corner by the back door, with the basket, the scissors, and something new that needs its tag removed.
Well, while she hasn't yet figured out how to maneuver the scissors to do any harm, I figured I had better curb this before she learns. So, I put a few items in front of the basket so it was no longer in the front of the drawer, and therefore out of reach.
Problem solved, right? Not so fast. I went into the kitchen shortly after fixing the drawer to find her huddled up with the scissors and another critter that needed a tag-ectomy. What? She had moved a chair over to the drawer so that she could reach the scissors after she opened it.
One afternoon, my husband came home just in time to find me removing our screaming child from the chair (she didn't want to get down, you see). He asked, "What's going on?"
I explained how she was still getting the scissors, even after I had seemingly moved them out of reach. "Well," he answered, "it could be worse. At least she's not stupid."
Yes. At least she's not stupid.


Elizabeth said...

There's always a bright side.

And that is a pretty hilarious bright side.

xo -E

The Daines said...

My son used to have his own scissors. Until the day that he cut up his curtains, sheets, socks and pajamas. At least she sticks with the tags. :)