Saturday, July 4, 2015

Dear Makers of Boys Swim Trunks,

My request is simple. Please be sure the drawstring is at least 6 inches long on both sides AFTER it has been laced through the suit, and please construct it so that the drawstring ties one the OUTSIDE of the suit.
Thank you.
--A Mother of Three Boys

 Seriously, people, who has not run across this problem? You first go to the trouble of dragging your kids through the store, wait while they debate and deliberate over color and style, finally pick just the right one, make sure it is the right size (perhaps even big enough to last through next year, too) only to get it home and realize what a pain it is to tie the darn thing with the single inch of slack the drawstring has on the INSIDE of the swim suit!!

We struggled with this issue for all of last summer, including two weeks of swimming lessons. When it came time to look at whether the boys' suits would work for this year, my oldest begged me for a new one. Why? Because he hated dealing with the miniscule drawstring. It wasn't just that you have to be nimble-fingered to get it tied securely. It was also the fact that if there was need for a restroom break (which there always is) you have to do it all again.

Well, the suit is still in great condition. I was not about to fork over good money for a replacement when the one we have can still do the job. My compromise? I checked the drawer for some extra shoelaces (you know, that alternate pair that came with your shoes, but you never used? Yeah, those). Then I sewed two button holes with my sewing machine through the suit, near where the drawstrings come out. I tied the new lace to the old lace and then pulled the old lace out, simply pulling the new lace in its place. I poked the new drawstring through the new button holes, and ta-da! New swim trunks, at no extra cost! I did this with both of the offending suits, and we are please with the result.

Obviously, they won't last forever. But they'll last another summer. And when it is time to retire them and purchase a new pair? We will be checking to see where the drawstring tie.

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Elizabeth said...

Way to go, mom!

Also, loved the narrative.

xo -E