Friday, August 31, 2012

Kitchen Curtains

At the beginning of August, my husband and I decided to reorganize the kitchen a little bit. In so doing, we went through our kitchen cabinets and realized we really needed a change. You see, our kitchen has open cabinets. No doors. We found what might have once been the cabinet doors in the shed out back, but they were in bad shape, so they didn't stay.

The previous owners had painted the shelves and put a decorative edge on the shelves. They also put a chicken wallpaper border along the inside of the bottom shelves. We thought it was cute, and so simply gave the shelves a new coat of paint and used them as is.

However, this month, as we were cleaning things out, we realized that it wasn't really that grand of an arrangement. The top shelves (which contain things rarely used) were extremely dusty, greasy, and sticky. Being uncovered all the time allows excess dust and the grease from the stove to accumulate. We had to thourougly clean everything up there and reconsider the open cabinet idea.

Curtains! It was a quick and inexpensive fix. We decided that the chicken/rooster motif was a good way to go, so we found a bolt of fabric (we bought what was left of it) with appropriate fowl and some inexpensive curtain rods. I measured and then set to work.

And now, here we have a lovely set of chicken curtains to cover the kitchen cabinets, still showing off the wallpaper that was laid in the bottom shelves. There is a border around the rest of our kitchen with little country houses. But it's faded and peeling. So we decided that one day, we are going to tear that down and find some sunflowers to go around the top. They will go nicely with the sunflowers in the curtains and balance things out. But for now, I'm content to admire my chickens over the cupboards.

August Finishes

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