Saturday, August 4, 2012

Recovering Charles

I just finished reading a book that I borrowed from my mom, by Jason F. Wright, Recovering Charles. It is a really great read, and I'd like to recommend it. Check it out at

Luke Millward is a photographer. Hurricane Katrina has just hit the south, and he's compelled by the footage on TV. He can't seem to get enough of it, until one day, he gets a phone call. It's a man from New Orleans, calling to tell him his father (whom he hasn't spoken to in a few years) is missing. This man is asking Luke to come from New York to help find his father in the aftermath of the disaster.

Jason F. Wright also wrote the Christmas Jars (and several other titles) and if you've read that, then you'll know his characters are relatable. It doesn't really feel like fiction. These are real people, with real emotions and real stories. This story pulls you in from the beginning, and makes you want to find the ending just as much as Luke does. I really appreciate an author who can write characters whom you feel like you already know and care about.

I really enjoyed this book, and I finished it in less than a week. I hope you can enjoy it, too.

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