Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Simple Pleasures

I told you about our basement project. One thing I didn't mention was that our laundry room was being shifted as well. My father-in-law saw to it that I wasn't without a washing machine for more than a few days. As soon as he could get the water lines moved, he had my washer all hooked up and running.

Some of you are now wondering, "But what about the dryer?" For me, that wasn't a problem. No, I don't have my dryer hooked up right now. My father-in-law still has to drill the new hole for the vent, and wire in the appropriate kind of outlet for my dryer to plug into. But it's not a problem because it is summer. And in the summer, I like to use my clothes line.

I remember last year, as I was leaving my aunt's house I said, "I should go. I have clothes to take down from the line." My aunt, looking quite surprised said, "Is there something wrong with your dryer?" I laughed, "No, I just really like to use the clothes line." To which my aunt responded, "You must like to torture yourself, then."

Really, it's no torture. I find that my laundry gets done a bit more regular, and they make it from wash to dry to FOLDED and put away faster than if I'm using the dryer. It's really easy to get several loads of laundry done and just pile the clean clothes in the baskets. But when it's on the line, I have to take it down and bring it in. It's not the same as grabbing the whole wad of clothes out of the dryer and leaving it for a week. I have to handle each piece and shake it out (who wants box elder bugs in their dresser?), so I might as well fold it, too.

And I do. I fold my laundry as I take it down from the line. It seems better than hauling it in and leaving it. I already have to handle it. Why not do it all at once?

But it's not just the fact that it gets folded right off the line. I really love the way line dried clothes SMELL. It is so fresh. And on a hot day, as I walk through the lines, it's just peaceful and cool there, between the damp clothes. Almost like when I was a little kid and you have that one quiet, secret place, undisturbed if for only a minute...

Okay, so it might be crazy. But when we bought the house I was so excited to see the clothes line. I use it every spring/summer/fall for as long as the weather dries the clothes in a timely manner. And when it's hot, it takes no longer than the dryer does.

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Elizabeth said...

Jilly, you are too cute! I'm not a big fan of clothes on the line b/c they are scratchy. I like the softness a trip through the dryer with a dryer sheet adds. But I hear what you're saying about folding and putting away vs. wadding them in a basket for a week. And I love the way you describe walking between the lines of damp clothes. It's like I'm almost there with you.

Laundry, I think, is one of my favorite chores. I love fresh, clean clothes all stacked and put away neatly. I love to see my closet full of cute, clean things to wear.

One of the reasons I like laundry so much, though, is because the machines do all the work. I hand washed clothes on my mission and really appreciate the luxury of a washing machine. Folding or hanging and putting away is such a fast job, when you compare washing jeans or towels (or any clothes, really) by hand. Lots of times, I'll just fold as I pull stuff out of the dryer. It only takes a few minutes. Sometimes, I'll throw everything on the couch and fold as I watch TV. I do this especially with socks & underwear because there are way more things to fold in a regular size load. On the other hand, the socks and undies are the loads that most often get thrown into a basket for a week or so just because there is so much to match and fold. Hey, the undies are clean. Folded and put away is optional, especially when I'm short on time.

xo -E